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Thank you Neil, brilliant service. Much appreciated.

Reviewed by Dave Jones today


I have created a low cost one to one coaching programme for women who are struggling to stay positive at this current time. They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit. With this programme you will establish a daily practice over the 30 days to connect with yourself and your inner voice, maybe through journaling or meditation, whatever feels good for you. A practice to manifest positivity, encourage gratitude, release your fears and anger and to set daily intentions; to help move us into a softer more loving space where we can release judgement and open ourselves up more to love. We meet for three one to one sessions within this time frame where I help you set goals, and support you with any emotional blocks. The programme is designed to help you live your life more consciously, rather than reacting to all that is happening around us. ​ It's time to transform your self-doubt and anxiety into assurance and confidence, whilst staying connected to your inner voice, so that you can make choices in life that serve you. Introductory price of £90 (A saving of 30%)

Added by Make Your Life today

Special Offer:   Special offers on Alcohol

Get every item you'll need from snacks, drinks, alcohol to your door with our special offers!

Added by Rapido Delivery today

Review: The Planning Service

PLEASE READ!! Very disapointed, once they had been contacted about me taking legal action about them designing a project at three times my budget they dissolved the registered company and then re-set the company up using the same trading name but under a new registered name, check out the registered ltd company names they have used in the past before contacting them. Not how an honest company should operate in my opinion.

Reviewed by Paul Bramhall today

Review: Apple & Orchid

THANK YOUUU SO SO MUCHHHHH FOR THE BACKDROPS they loookeeddddd AMAZING!!!! Everyone LOVED themmmmmmm and I can’t wait to see all the final pics and videosss!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Reviewed by Priya P. today

Review: Click2book

It was amazing to find that my ticket to California was worked out by the travel agent at Click2Book and he helped me personally. My experience with Click2Book was peaceful and appealing.  I wish you have more work.

Reviewed by Patrik Huckert yesterday

Special Offer:   Free Carpet clean

Book an End of Tenancy Clean and we will Clean 1 room carpet clean for free so you can see a difference before deciding if you require the rest done

Added by Professional Cleaners Bristol & Bath on 18/10/2021

Review: Adil Specialist Cars

I never post negative reviews but after such abysmal customer service, I had to share my experience. I bought a BMW M135i from Farrakh in July 2021. I was promised a 6 month RAC warranty with the car, as is standard for any car bought from Adil Specialist Cars (apparently). When driving the car home, a warning popped up saying the tyre pressure monitoring system had failed. (Upon further investigation, I found that it had failed some time ago and Farrakh had simply reset the warning so I wouldn’t know during the test drive!) I decided I would claim on the warranty to get it fixed but 3 months on, I still do not have any sort of warranty for the vehicle. The MOT is coming up and this will cause the vehicle to fail the MOT, so I am now going to have to pay out of my own pocket to get this fixed. I have left a ridiculous amount of messages for Farrakh and this is still yet to be resolved. For 3 months I have been messaging him almost every day. He reads the messages on WhatsApp and simply ignores them. He promises he will call but never bothers. Note that this was not the case before I had bought the car - but as soon as he had my money, he began ignoring my messages. I regularly have to message every day for a week before he will actually respond to me, and the response never contains any useful updates or anything of the sort. Take a look at the WhatsApp chat history: If you purchase a car from Adil Specialist Cars and there is an issue, this is the sort of customer service you will receive. The car was due a service when I bought it, so I took it for a service a few days after purchasing the car. BMW told me that the last service it had was supposed to be a full service but it had actually only had an oil service - meaning the car had done 30,000 miles without a full service. BMW recommend a full service every 12,000 miles or every 12 months! The service also highlighted some existing issues with the car. See the print-out from the BMW garage here: (Slight play in steering rack, Front tyres are wearing on the edges, Hydrobearing bushes are slightly cracked, Front brake discs are lipped and corroded, Front and rear brake pads are 3100 miles on the dash, O/S strut brace is incorrectly fitted and threads are damaged, Rear diffuser is touching exhaust). Farrakh told me the car had 4 almost new tyres, which was obviously not true! The front splitter of the vehicle also snapped whilst driving down the motorway only a couple of months after having bought the vehicle! Image here: This image also shows the registration number of the vehicle, feel free to find this car on Adil Specialist Cars’ website so you know this is not a made-up review! It is clear to me that Farrakh Adil does not care about his customers once he has their money. He will lie to you, ignore your messages, avoid resolving problems and sell you a car with issues. Thankfully, the car runs & drives fine but I dread to think what position I would be in if the car had an engine problem - after-sale customer service is utterly non-existent. I did my homework and looked up reviews for Adil Specialist Cars before buying - I should have listened to the negative ones. He also did not send me a link to give him a review, presumably to avoid the “Verified Purchase” tag on my review. The behaviour and customer service has been nothing short of poor, deceitful and probably bordering on criminal! If you look up Adil Specialist Cars on Companies House, you will notice that the accounts are overdue by almost an entire year and the company address is listed as in Scotland, not in Huddersfield. Ask yourself whether you want to purchase a vehicle from such a disorganised individual, and whether a legitimate, trustworthy business would use an incorrect company address. Search online yourself or take a look here: I like to think that I am smart enough to spot a dodgy dealer but unfortunately I fell for Farrakh’s charade. I could have saved myself all of this stress and money if I had simply bought from a reputable, well-known dealer. Don’t make the same mistake as me. I will never buy another car from Adil Specialist Cars. Buyer beware!

Reviewed by Toby S on 18/10/2021